A little about me. I’ve been poking around personal computers for a long long time now.  About 30 years I’d say.  My first computer was a trs-80 co co.  I was very young.

In between there and now I’ve done bits at a few companies, but not many: Microsoft, eWare (which became part of Sage) and PutPlace.  I’m currently starting my own company but it doesn’t have a name yet.

In my spare time I watch my two kids grow up, browse the web, travel, take pictures and go to movies and plays.

I’ve been using the web for a long long time.  That’s no a good thing, just a fact. My current area of focus is cloud based computing and social networking.  I’ve used Amazon’s EC2 and Google’s app engine in production environments.  I’ve also launched web products on co-lo servers in a corporate data center.  I don’t recommend that approach.  My current favorite web technologies are django and jquery but I’m always looking for something better.  Social media presents some really hard and fun technical and business challenges that I just starting to get into.

If you’re looking for help with any aspect of web technology I’d be happy to talk with you.  I always bring a unique and incisive viewpoint to any project.

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