Fun with Windows 7

I’ve been running windows 7 on my primary laptop, a dell 1330, since the release candidate came out.  I’ve had issues but I’m really happy with the improvements, especially the task bar changes and the multi-monitor hot keys.  The issues center around it not always resuming from standby.  About 20% of the time it blue screens or locks when coming out of s3 standby.  I’m blaming nvidia.  I upgraded to their latest driver and started having even worse problems.  Icons on the task bar would randomly disappear, leading to a bsod.  Not good.

I had a copy of a more recent build, 7229, lying around so I thought I’d upgrade to that.  I normally don’t do upgrades but the thought of reinstalling everything was too much.  The upgrade took about an hour but everything seemed fine at the end.  Except aero wasn’t turned on.  I like aero in the alt-tab task switcher.  I figured all I needed to do was re-run the system assessment to get aero back.  Into system properties, sure enough system assessment is out of date, run system assessment, kerpow, the system reboots immediately.   Now I understand this is an interim windows 7 build and a beta nvidia driver, but we’re a month away from RTM folks.  It makes me nervous.  Vista had serious problems with nvidia drivers, let’s hope history doesn’t repeat.

As an aside, I recently installed Visual Studio 2010 beta.  I didn’t have a chance to try it on the RC build, but I tried it on 7229.  It crashes on launch.  That’s kinda sad too.

ATI also has some driver issues on win 7, more on that in another post.

Here’s hoping they bring it together.

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